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If your roof is leaking call us, we will perform emergency repairs to get you dry and keep you dry until a permanent solution can be implemented.

Here are listed a few of the more common roofing problems:

  Improper Roofing Installation


Poor installation and unsatisfactory workmanship

A faulty installation dramatically increases the likelihood of problems and reduces a roof systemís life expectancy. Workmanship does tend to be one of the more common problems or common reasons for problems that crop up at some point in the life of the roof. Be sure that the contractor and crew youíve hired are educated in proper installation techniques specific to the roof they are installing.


  Lack of Roof Maintenance


Lack of maintenance

There are many reasons not to neglect the roof; including financial and business continuity reasons. Being wise to problems can prevent their escalation. Addressing minor problems before they escalate maximizes roof life as well as minimizes headaches and expense.


  Popping Nails on Roofing Shingles


Popping nails

There are all sorts of reasons why nails back out of seemingly solid wood, but perhaps the most common reason is that the nail did not get a good bite into the wood when it was first driven. Sometimes they are improperly driven on an angle using a nail gun. Either way the end result is that the nail ends up creating a hole in the roofing material, compromising the roof.


  Sliding Roofing Shingles


Sliding shingles

Sliding shingles are caused by improper nailing. Not enough nails or overdriven nails (nail guns are famous for this) will allow the shingle to "slide" down the roof little by little during hot weather.



  Neglected Roofing



One of the more serious but avoidable roofing problems is simple neglect by owner. "Out of sight, out of mind" is the attitude of many people concerning their roof. Sadly, many problems that could have be curtailed with a simple repair are pushed off until excessive costs are incurred due to continued leaking which causes interior problems such as the destruction of sheetrock, insulation and wood framing. A timely repair today could save you thousands later on!



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